Want to create your own personal finance blog or understand how I created mine? Here are the tools and resources I used to create Wallet Squirrel.

WordPress Hosting Platform – iPage


I’ve been using iPage to host my websites since 2007 with my first website Top 5 Online Universities. It no longer exists because it was awful, but what really impressed me was as soon as I registered. iPage called me from an Illinois call center to ask if I had any questions. They helped me over my first-time jitters and made me feel comfortable. When you sign up, there is a 1-click WordPress integration that makes it incredibly simple to set up your first WordPress website. Since then I’ve hosted several WordPress websites all through one account I pay a little over $10 a month for.

WordPress Theme – Enfold by Themeforest

enfold-theme-photoI absolutely love Themeforest and all their WordPress themes. They have a great user platform with themes easily installable onto a WordPress hosted server as well as offer other amenities such as stock photography and vector art that I’ve used in the past. If you’re not a designer, this is a great market place to get designer like quality for reasonable prices. I’ve designed over 3 different niche websites using this one flexible WordPress Theme. In total, the theme cost $60 with great support

Brokerage Account – Robinhood

robinhood-brokerageI’m a strong supporter of Robinhood because they charge $0 fees and you can read all about why on one of my favorite posts “Robinhood App Review: I saved $420 in trading fees in 6 months“. They are purely a mobile trading platform meaning you can only access via your phone, but that hasn’t ever been a problem for me.