3 Simple Ways to Ask for a Raise at a New Job

3 Simple Ways to Ask for a Raise at a New Job

Think about sitting down with your boss to ask for a raise. This can be a very nerve racking experience. There are so many ways your boss can respond. He can laugh at your request. This question can set him off with anger. Or there you can get a simple, “No.” Now add let’s add some complexity into that thought of asking for a raise. Think about going to your future employer to ask for a raise when you haven’t even started the job yet. Who would do this right?

Personally, I highly recommend it based on an experience I recently had (read on for that story). I look at a built in raise as a win/win situation for both parties. For you, there is a raise waiting for you just a few short months after starting. For your future employer, they get to look at this raise as almost a retention bonus. They know this extra incentive will increase the chances of you sticking around for that time frame.

Before the Meeting

All of three of these methods have some steps in common. Firstly, you should always write down and practice the pitch to your future employer. Never go into this meeting unprepared which leads to the second step. Do some research! You do not want to go into this meeting being asked a question that you are not prepared for. Research as to why you need this raise and what other companies are doing. Lastly, practice your pitch! Did I say that already? I cannot stress how important this is. Your future employer will wonder who they hired if you cannot put together sentences with strong answers to their questions.

Build in a Future Raise

There are times a company does not have it in their budget to provide a higher starting salary you asked for. When they tell you this news, do not freak out and say goodbye. Slow down a bit before you start looking elsewhere for a new position but rather continue the conversation with your future employer.

Have a raise built into your contract for a later date.

Have a raise built into your contract for a later date.

You will want to talk about is the possibility for a future raise. Discuss on the timing and what works with their budget. Maybe their fiscal year is over in three or six months from when you start. You could get it written in your starting contract that you would receive this raise when the next fiscal year begins.

Idea: Mentally prepare yourself for how far out this raise could come. They might not have the money to give you a raise for a full twelve months. When you ask for a raise, try to be assertive to get that time frame shorter but do not be aggressive. You do not want to insult your future employer by starting your tenure with a sour taste.

Performance Benchmarks

I will keep this method short and sweet for you. Some positions out in the working world are very performance orientated. Some examples would include sales or even law. A lawyer could state that if they when a particular number of cases that they would be in line for a higher base salary. Or an insurance salesman could ask for a raise to be built in if their margins hit 10% above average.

Idea: Before heading into the interview do some prep work. This prep should consist of researching what the benchmark should be. Do not come into the meeting just with what the benchmark but you should also be prepared as to why the standard should be set where you set it.

Completion of School

With this method to ask for a raise I had a personal experience with. It worked out well for my family and I.

Back in 2015 I started a new career venture by starting my masters in software development and programming. In 2010 I received my bachelor’s degree in landscape architecture. Honestly, I should have gone into the IT world right out of high school but that is alright. Landscape architecture gave me some amazing experiences such as taking me around the country and world. It also is how I met two of my best friends, Andrew and Tristan.

Moving on from this past and onto my future in the IT world. I planned on work in my retail position while I finished my master’s degree at DU. Once I finished the program I would go out to the real world to grab a new high paying job. As plans usually go it did not go as, well, planned. Actually, everything went better than I planned. A couple terms into my degree I had the opportunity to apply for a job at a local university here in Denver. After the interview process I landed this position.

ask for a raise that will be given after you complete school

Set a raise to be built in after you graduate school.

This was an amazing opportunity that I was given. This meant a lot to our family financially. It allowed us to save for a down payment on a home which is a challenge here in Denver. We have also become more aggressive on our car and student loans though not aggressive enough for my liking.

When negotiating the salary for the new position I got my starting salary right in the middle of the range they were willing to pay. I thought this was a win, especially since I did not have any experience. The key aspect to the contract was we negotiated in an automatic 10% raise. This raise would come when I registered for my last term in my master’s program. This raise took my salary to the top end of the initial range they were willing to pay. I was very happy especially since raises that big are basically unheard of at the university.

Idea: Your future employer might want to see your transcript when you ask for a raise of this type. Mine did. So be prepared by getting that printed off beforehand.


If one of these three “ask for a raise” methods will work for you, then go for it! For me personally, it was reassuring to know that I was going significant raise within six months of starting my new raise. This was especially reassuring after I got to know the company more and realized that raises like mine rarely happen.

The toughest part is getting over those nerves to ask for that raise. I completely understand those nerves. I mean, you haven’t even started the job yet and you are already asking for a raise. Trust me though, it is not that hard. Just remember to do your research to make a solid case. The worse that can happen is your future employer says no. At least you will have an answer with no regrets.

ThisIsWhyImBroke-Amazon Affiliate Website Example

50 Amazon Affiliate Website Examples Making Money in a Niche

I’ve always had a hard time finding a good list of Amazon Affiliate Website Examples, so here is my personal list of inspiration that I’ve built up over the years. I’ve been itching to create a new website lately, but before I start I thought I would review my list of successful Amazon Affiliate Websites currently making money for some lessons learned.

What is an Amazon Affiliate Website?

An Amazon Affiliate Website is any website that earns money by linking products from their website to the Amazon store. This can be a blog that references a product with a link back to Amazon, so customers can purchase that item referenced. Or on a larger scale, a whole market place website that references numerous Amazon Products.

The idea is that you are referring customers to where you gain a commission if a user buys from the Amazon store. This is usually 5%-10% per purchase. Amazon tracks this by a special code from the URL link on your website or WordPress plugin.

22 Successful Amazon Affiliate Website Examples

ThisIsWhyImBroke-Amazon Affiliate Website Example

ThisIsWhyImBroke – Amazon Affiliate Website Example
This is one of my favorite Amazon Affiliate Websites because it’s so freaking cool! These guys gather up the coolest gadgets, gifts, tech and oddities from Amazon and around the web. The gag gifts and fun gadgets are items that people love to buy. This site uncovers the cool, often hidden, things of the internet and all you have to do is click on one of the Amazon Affiliate links to buy it from the Amazon store. ThisIsWhyIAmBroke works with more than just Amazon, but it’s one of their biggest revenue sources.

Monthly Visitors (SimilarWeb) : 2.40M Visitors
Average Post Length: 10 – 160 Words
How much do they make: Around $20,000+ per month from Amazon (source)


ConsumerSearch-Amazon Affiliate Website Example

ConsumerSearch – Amazon Affiliate Website Example
This website started in 2000 as a review website which helped consumers by reviewing different products and offering the consumer the chance to purchase the product. These have become a very popular way for bloggers to create amazon affiliate websites. It’s a great way to feature products and a good review can be very motivating for someone to purchase.

Monthly Visitors (SimilarWeb) : 1.10M Visitors
Average Post Length: 1,000 Words
How much do they make: This site was bought for $33 Million from About,com in 2007 (source)


TheWirecutter-Amazon Affiliate Website Example

TheWirecutter – Amazon Affiliate Website Example
This is a great example of a top notch review site. They start at the homepage notifying that they make affiliate commissions, but provide top end reviews from independent reviewers. This is great to be honest up front. In addition to being transparent, they also take the content is king strategy. I randomly clicked on their “Top Home Projector” post where they reviewed (and linked) to several high end home theater projectors. Keep in mind that these high priced items produce high commissions. That may explain why they spent the time to write a 5,000 word post on it. This site seems to do everything right in being a prime example of an Amazon Affiliate Website. This site now has over 60 staff members working for it.

Monthly Visitors (SimilarWeb) : 8.10M Visitors
Average Post Length: 3,000-5,000 Words
How much do they make: In 2015, this site combined with The Wirecutter made $150 Million in ecommerce sales. So you can get an idea of their commission revenue. (source)


TheSweetHome -Amazon Affiliate Website Example

TheSweetHome – Amazon Affiliate Website Example
This is the sister site to the affiliate marketing site TheWirecutter. Another amazon affiliate website that list gadgets and gear that the website reviews. They come out and say it on their homepage, they earn money by affiliate commissions. Apparently this sites receives over 1.8M visitors, which is pretty impressive considering this site only started in 2013. I guess the moral of the story is, it’s not too late to start a review website. It also helps to have incredibly long reviews. In fact, their one soda stream review had over 13,000 words. This is a great example that content is king.

Monthly Visitors (SimilarWeb) : 2.50M Visitors
Average Post Length: 4,000 – 5,000 Words
How much do they make: In 2015, this site combined with The Wirecutter made $150 Million in ecommerce sales. So you can get an idea of their commission revenue. (source)


GearPatrol -Amazon Affiliate Website Example

GearPatrol – Amazon Affiliate Website Example
This is an interesting style review website that reads more like a magazine than a review site. This definitely helps give it some more credit than throwing a up a bunch of products and hoping people read them. It’s interesting that it takes a different approach, rather than writing long content, it focuses on a clean layout and video reviews to show people the product they’re testing, racking in 2.3 million monthly viewers. This is incredibly valuable for people willing to buy, but want to see the product in a video demo before purchasing. Now compare this site to what the site looked like in 2008 (here).

Monthly Visitors (SimilarWeb) : 3.30M Visitors
Average Post Length: 100-500 Words
How much do they make: I don’t know how much they make


DogFoodAdvisor -Amazon Affiliate Website Example

DogFoodAdvisor – Amazon Affiliate Website Example
This is a testament that design isn’t everything. Look at their homepage. There is one, very cute puppy, but nothing else. I’m not sure how this site is successful, but from looking over their latest articles, they are receiving regular viewers and comments. Something is working. Then again, people do love their dogs.

Monthly Visitors (SimilarWeb) : 1.30M Visitors
Average Post Length: 1,000-1,500 Words
How much do they make: I don’t know how much they make


BabyGearLab -Amazon Affiliate Website Example

BabyGearLab – Amazon Affiliate Website Example
So combine a review site and something people everyone loves, like babies. Imagine all the confusion new parents have when they bring a new baby into the world. What do they do, what do they need, what is the best? BabyGearLab solves that by reviewing baby stuff and helping parents understand it and buy it. This site has been around since 2011 helping parents through the impossible decisions of what is best for your baby.

Monthly Visitors (SimilarWeb) : 234.10K Visitors
Average Post Length: 6,000-10,000 Words
How much do they make: I don’t know how much they make


BestCovery -Amazon Affiliate Website Example

BestCovery – Amazon Affiliate Website Example
Review sites continue to be an impressive way to make affiliate commission. This review site doesn’t even niche down, their tag line is “Discover the Best of Everything”. From my initial review, they continue the streak of long content to rank high in Google. In doing this, they list multiple items really pushing their 1st, 2nd, 3rd and so on picks. All conveniently with their own price tags linking to Amazon. With only 152 thousand monthly visitors, it’s not as much as other sites, but they continue to push out new content and gain new Facebook users. Anyone with a blog knows, it’s hard to get Facebook users, so they’re doing something right.

Monthly Visitors (SimilarWeb) : 152.10K Visitors
Average Post Length: 4,000-6,000 Words
How much do they make: I do know how much they make.


BestReviews -Amazon Affiliate Website Example

BestReviews – Amazon Affiliate Website Example
This is one the cleanest designs I’ve seen of an Amazon Affiliate Website. It has a very professional look for a review website, but they don’t overcrowd you with product reviews right off. This site really sets itself apart with their actual videos and reviews inside of their test center. You know these testers are actually testing the product rather than copying a review from another site or making things up. It’s so legit that I will likely be back to this site for future reviews for my purchases. It really gains your trust with the photos and videos even though you know they are making money through the affiliate commissions. Plus they buy all the products themselves and never accept any products from the manufacturer to maintain objectivity, but when you bring in 3.1 million visitors per month, you can buy a few items to review.

It’s so legit that I will likely be back to this site for future reviews for my purchases. It really gains your trust with the photos and videos even though you know they are making money through the affiliate commissions. Plus they buy all the products themselves and never accept any products from the manufacturer to maintain objectivity, but when you bring in 3.1 million visitors per month, you can buy a few items to review.

Monthly Visitors (SimilarWeb) : 3.80M Visitors
Average Post Length: Around 1,000 Words + Videos
How much do they make: I do know how much they make.


KidsTabletswithWiFi -Amazon Affiliate Website Example

KidsTabletswithWiFi – Amazon Affiliate Website Example
This is an Amazon Affilaite Website that has really niched down into specifically, as the name implies, kids tablets with Wifi. These are high priced items that produce high commissions in a huge market, children. What is the best tablet for kids? Do you give them an ipad? What if it breaks? Is there a cheaper option? These are all questions that this site helps with. It runs like a blog, but with a relatively simple design. It’s hard to tell if they have produced much new content because they don’t include dates with their blog posts. However this site is just one blog, with three additional pages for “Best Tablets for Kids”, “Kids Tablet Reviews” and “Kids Tablet Comparisons” all of which are likely keyword researched names. It’s likely the niched down keyword research to bring in the traffic, because the content while good, is relatively short with 300-500 words per post.

Monthly Visitors (SimilarWeb) : 1.80K Visitors
Average Post Length: 400 – 600 Words
How much do they make: I do know how much they make.


LongBoardReviews -Amazon Affiliate Website Example

LongBoardReviews – Amazon Affiliate Website Example
Another example of an Amazon Affiliate Website that niched down to long boards. These are like skateboards but longer and meant to cruise, going longer distances than skateboards. It’s a relatively simple website that loads the user with tons of products from the homepage but highlights the lack of comments per review (usually 0 – 2 comments). The typical length of an article is 300-500 words so they are relying on their specific niche for traffic. Not bad for a “.net” domain as they are less common than their popular counterparts “.com”. It’s not the best example, but I’m going for a range.

Monthly Visitors (SimilarWeb) : 2.70K Visitors
Average Post Length: 400 – 600 Words
How much do they make: The website sold in 2016 on Flippa for $5,275. Usually a website sells for a year’s worth of revenue. So we can expect this site to make around $500 per month (source)


FootballSnackHelmets -Amazon Affiliate Website Example

FootballSnackHelmets – Amazon Affiliate Website Example
This is one of the most niche markets I’ve ever seen. It’s gems like these that make me confident the right keyword research in the smallest of niches can lead to a successful Amazon Affiliate Website. I’m not saying this specific site is successful though. They have only 2 blog post with minimal content for each “Football Snack Helmet”. It seems like someone had great intentions to set up an affiliate site with a clean design but forgot about it after 2 blog posts, ending in June 2016. This is one of the easiest examples that you could set up in a weekend.

Monthly Visitors (SimilarWeb) : 2.20K Visitors
Average Post Length: 100 – 300 Words
How much do they make: I do know how much they make, but we anticipate it’s seasonal and reliant on the US customer base.


OutdoorGearLab -Amazon Affiliate Website Example

OutdoorGearLab – Amazon Affiliate Website Example
This site is owned by the same owners as so you’ll notice some similarities. It’s a really clean site that looks more like REI’s website than a review site. They generate tons of organic traffic for each review category like ski gloves combines all of their test products (amazon links), test experiences, reviews and opinions so that the review pages reach around 6,000 words. This is a great way to do a review page in my opinion to combine the word length of each review into one huge, helpful page. Plus keep in mind that people love outdoor gear. It’s insanely fun to go outdoors but you never know if you have right equipment. To figure out what’s right, these outdoor review sites help immensely!

Monthly Visitors (SimilarWeb) : 1.60K Visitors
Average Post Length: 5,000 – 7,000 Words
How much do they make: I do know how much they make.


TopTenReviews-Amazon Affiliate Website Example

TopTenReviews – Amazon Affiliate Website Example
This is an older site (2003) with some heavy domain authority. That explains the crazy amount of content this site contains. It’s helpful though when you have 350+ employees. This isn’t a small enterprise, and they still utilize the Amazon Affiliate network to monetize their site. They use long and wordy articles to review products, maximizing the SEO of each page. The biggest difference from this site and others, is the amount of digital content these guys review. Their digital content ranges from Antivirus Software to Credit Card processing. This isn’t a typical Amazon product, but digital content can earn affiliate commissions through other sources than Amazon. Amazon is a great resource to monetize your site, but it’s definitely not the only way.

Monthly Visitors (SimilarWeb) : 12.80M Visitors
Average Post Length: 3,000 – 5,000 Words
How much do they make: I do know how much they make.


TomsHardware -Amazon Affiliate Website Example

TomsHardware – Amazon Affiliate Website Example
Do you remember 1997? That’s when this website was created. You could maybe tell from the website homepage that looks more like than a review website, then again they have over 1.5 million pages indexed. Don’t make the same mistake I did, this isn’t a door and sink hardware company, this is computer hardware for hardcore nerds who build their own computers. I’m sure this site is at the forefront of every build-it-myself computer geek out there (I’m one ). The site is now owned by Purch, the same people who own TopTenReviews. These guys have really got a good handle on successful Amazon Affiliate Websites.

Monthly Visitors (SimilarWeb) : 47.50M Visitors
Average Post Length: 500 – 1,000 Words
How much do they make: I do know how much they make.


CarSeatAnswers-Amazon Affiliate Website Example

CarSeatAnswers – Amazon Affiliate Website Example
It’s really simple and plain websites like this that make me happy! If something this plain can bring in so many visitors, than someone creative and design oriented like me can do better, right? CarSeatAnswers focuses on keywords like “Car Seat Answers” and “Car Seat Guide” and “Which Seat is Safest for a Baby’s Car Seat” then writes 700-1,000 word articles with no photos except for the Amazon Products sold throughout the article. This is one of the simplest example, but it still brings in visitors even with a small amount of domain authority. It gives you hope though, that you can easily create a successful website, right?

Monthly Visitors (SimilarWeb) : 3.40K Visitors
Average Post Length: 300 – 500 Words
How much do they make: I do know how much they make.


KichenFaucetDivas -Amazon Affiliate Website Example

KichenFaucetDivas – Amazon Affiliate Website Example
This was one of the first Amazon Affiliate Website Examples I ever came across. I thought it was incredibly simple, before I saw some other websites that were even worse. A lot of it is what you would expect. A wordy homepage with a couple of pages in the menu bar that all resemble more keyword targeting than actual helpful navigation. I keep wondering if they actually reviewed all those different kitchen sinks, because that would be a lot of work installing and disassembling numerous sinks to see how they work. Likely not, their “About Us” page just says a “Mother of two” which tells me as the reader, if you’re not putting your name on this, your reviews are probably just as generic. Usually if an “About” page doesn’t list a name or company, I assume that the website is just as generic.

Monthly Visitors (SimilarWeb) : 30.20K Visitors
Average Post Length: 300 – 500 Words
How much do they make: I do know how much they make.


LiveLongerRunning -Amazon Affiliate Website Example

LiveLongerRunning – Amazon Affiliate Website Example
I read this title and expected an awesome community of runners sharing their glory stories of braving the snow and rain to log in miles. Instead I’m directed to a boring treadmill site. This site is about 5 pages and a couple of additional pages for reviews for treadmills. The reviews are the only pages with any kind of lengthy content and those are still only around 800 words. The main redeeming quality about this site, is they are focusing on high price items so even a single sale of a treadmill is a nice commission. This is another example of a website you could make in a weekend. It’s motivating though because you know you can do better, right?

Monthly Visitors (SimilarWeb) : 11.10K Visitors
Average Post Length: 500 – 1,000 Words
How much do they make: I do know how much they make.


PickMyShaver -Amazon Affiliate Website Example

PickMyShaver – Amazon Affiliate Website Example
This is a review site that focuses on high end shaving equipment to have a nice mix of lower end and higher end shavers for a nice variety. It’s a simple/clean website design with lots of photos to help people understand the variety. Each review is decently long, but nothing to rave about. What is impressive is each review has a good amount of comments that are answered by the website owner. That tells me that the owner is monitoring this site and probably adding new content. A site like this wouldn’t be too hard to maintain. I’m thinking, maybe they add a new blog post once a month.

Monthly Visitors (SimilarWeb) : 41.90K Visitors
Average Post Length: 800 – 1,000 Words
How much do they make: I do know how much they make.


100DaysOfRealFood -Amazon Affiliate Website Example

100DaysOfRealFood – Amazon Affiliate Website Example
This is a great example of an Amazon Affiliate Website that’s not a review site! It’s actually more like a food blog that recommends certain products through their blog and resource pages. With 1.6 Million Facebook Likes, Lisa Leak (owner) has become an authority on “real food” and uses this platform to sell other things like her own cook book. This example is more for a traditional blogger who wants to start monetizing their website rather than creating a review site.

Monthly Visitors (SimilarWeb) : 407.60K Visitors
Average Post Length: 500 – 1,000 Words
How much do they make: She doesn’t list how much she makes on her blog.


InflatableHotTubGuide -Amazon Affiliate Website Example

InflatableHotTubGuide – Amazon Affiliate Website Example
So this is a niche I guess. This is an interesting example of a site built around a high price item that I could see people willing to buy online rather than a store. This doesn’t leave a lot of room to expand into other hot tub areas, but if your focus is “inflatable hot tubs” then go for it. I can’t imagine they update it too often, the last time seems to be August 2015, but what’s new in the world of inflatable hot tubs?

Monthly Visitors (SimilarWeb) : 967 Visitors
Average Post Length: 500 – 1,000 Words
How much do they make: I do know how much they make.


WomensSuperheroCostumes -Amazon Affiliate Website Example

WomensSuperheroCostumes – Amazon Affiliate Website Example
This site is a different style of Amazon Affiliate website because while it does niche down specifically in superhero costumes, it targets women who are the main buyer of online clothing. It’s different because it doesn’t review the costumes, it pulls different costumes beyond Amazon and categorizes them by Superhero. So a search for Wonder Woman Costume would pull costumes from multiple websites beyond Amazon to give the user an idea of all the different Wonder Woman Costumes on the web, not just Amazon’s selection. This is a great example of reaching beyond the Amazon store.

Monthly Visitors (SimilarWeb) : 563 Visitors
Average Post Length: 300 – 600 Words
How much do they make: They make around $600 a year, but it’s seasonal.

29 Other Amazon Affiliate Website Examples

These additional websites, while different, follow a similar pattern of the previously mentioned. It’s a great list to reference what others are doing in the niche website world with Amazon Affiliates.

  1. – Reviews (Fitness)
  2. – Reviews (Tools)
  3. – Reviews (Transportation)
  4. – Reviews/Blog (New Moms)
  5. – Reviews (Shaving)
  6. – Reviews (Pillows)
  7. – Reviews (Coffee)
  8. – Reviews (Shower Heads) – Probably copying KitchenFaucetDivas above
  9. – Reviews (Shaving)
  10. – Reviews (Drones)
  11. – Reviews (Sewing Machines)
  12. – Reviews (Everything that makes Sound)
  13. – Reviews (All Knifes)
  14. – Reviews (Kitchen Knifes)
  15. – Reviews (Electric Scooters)
  16. – Reviews (Microphones)
  17. – Reviews (Vacuums)
  18. – Reviews (Hair Dryers)
  19. – Reviews (Lawn Mowers)
  20. – Reviews (Paper Shredders
  21. – Reviews (Hover Boards)
  22. – Reviews (Massage Chairs)
  23. – New Product Site (Camping Gear)
  24. – Reviews (Digital Products)
  25. – Reviews (Chairs)
  26. – Reviews (Fish Stuff)
  27. – Reviews (Dog Stuff)
  28. – Reviews (Everything)
  29. – Reviews (Podcast Equipment)

Thank you

Thanks to some helpful Reddit users, One Man’s Brand and Niche Site Project for some of the inspiration to make this list of 50 happen!

What I learned from 50 different Amazon Affiliate Website Examples

This list is pretty freaking significant with so many lessons learned. I hit on many of these in individual reviews but here are the highlights.

  1. Keyword Research is Key – is the single most important thing you can do. If your keyword is too broad, it’ll get lost in the sea of other websites and if it’s too narrow, no one is going to visit your site.
  2. Review Sites Are Popular – There are a couple exceptions, but most of these successful Amazon Affiliate Websites are just review sites that give people an idea of what the item is like before they buy. There is definitely something to it.
  3. Content is King – The more successful websites had content that was around 1,000 words per post. Google identifies this as better content and it’ll help your search rankings. It can’t just be gibberish though, it helps if you break up the content into 6-8 different sections so it’s easy for the user to navigate while still being lengthy. I used to think 300 words was good and 500 was above and beyond. I’ll likely spend even more time on articles and aim for around 1,000 words per article like my most popular article “Robinhood App Review” at 1,500 words.
  4. Mix High & Low Price Items, but Lean Towards High Price – if you’re doing all this work to push people towards a certain product, make sure that product is worth it. It doesn’t make much sense to review a $5 item with 1,000 words. You should lean towards those higher price items that will give you higher commissions. Remember, you get a percentage of the sale, not a flat fee.
  5. Get People To The Amazon Store – Many of these websites that had more sales, sent more people to the Amazon store. It’s a numbers game, the more people you send the Amazon market place, the more that will buy.


Just imagine how much you could invest in a stock portfolio if you owned or two of these niche sites. The thing is, it’s completely do-able. I have the skills (most people do) to create something like this. I am so freaking pumped to start my next niche website! I’m using these lessons learned to start my keyword research now. I’ll follow up on my progress in the upcoming blog posts. I really hope this helps you as much as it did me. It’s really inspirational to see how others are making additional income online with niche websites!

Am I missing any good Amazon Affiliate Website Examples I can add to this list?

How to Earn More Money in 2017 - The Achievement App

How to Earn More Money in 2017 – The Achievemint App

Way #73 – How to Earn More Money in 2017 – The Achievemint App

Being outdoors participating in many different activities is one of my favorite things in life. This is one of the biggest benefits of living in Colorado, I can be active outdoors year round. I have all of the gear. The running shoes, the fitness watch, the bike, the skis, the backpacking gear, and so on. I am set when it comes to playing outside. Today, together, we explorer how to earn more money in 2017 with the Achievemint App. We will look at the in’s and out’s of the application to decide if it is right for you.

Side note: I absolutely love my fitness watch from Garmin. It is a little pricey but allows me to track ALL of these activities when most do not. Plus, I can still wear it to business meetings after switching to the metal band. Alright sales pitch over now back to your regularly scheduled program.

The issue I have is the lack of motivation to get up in the morning to work out. I think a lot of people would agree with me. No matter the time of day, it is tough to get that motivation. If this was not the case there would be too many David Hasselhoffs and Pamela Andersons running down the beach in slow motion. Well how do we get help for more motivation? Enter the Achievemint App.

What is it?

The Achievemint App allows you to earn money from your fitness adventures. This includes walking, running, biking, hiking, and so on! Every activity you record the application rewards you with points depending on how intense and long it was. The people over at the Achievemint App have even throwing in some curve balls as to how you can earn points. These include logging your foods on MyFitnessPal or tweeting healthy thoughts on Twitter. My favorite one though, they will reward you for sleeping!

Connected Apps Through the Achievement App. Photo Courtesy of Achievement.

Connected Apps Through the Achievemint App. Photo Courtesy of Achievemint.

In total there are 27 apps (Their website says 40+ but I only count 27 in the Apps pages) you can sync your Achievemint app to in order to earn more points. These are not obscure apps either, they include very popular and well developed applications so most people can get connected. These applications include the UnderArmour Fitness suite, Garmin Connect, Jawbone, FitBit, Apple Health, Foursquare, Twitter, and so many more!

Why do they do this?

You must be asking, “Why are they doing this?” Achievemint has partnered with several health research companies who in turn make the rewards possible. With every 10,000 point you earn they will pay you $10. According to their website, “There’s no limit to how much you can earn.” So to simply put it, they are paying you for your data so they may sell it to research companies.

Some people might find it scary that researchers are going to be looking at your data and it is a lot of data! I completely understand your hesitation. The Achievemint App does not disclose a lot of information about this part of process. It would be nice if they answered a series of questions such as…Who is doing buying this data for research? What are they researching? Is there any personal information they look at such as names? I couldn’t find any answers to these questions within their Terms of Service agreement. Let me know if you do find anything. Achievement does have 1,000,000 users but I would suspect that they could have more if they answered the above questions.

My Thoughts

I love the application they have designed. It is clean, simple, and efficient. Syncing up other applications to it for tracking is a very easy process. Within a couple minutes I had my Garmin, Twitter, and MyFitnessPal accounts all linked up. They do not have a dedicated Android application yet but the web application is so well designed I did not even notice.

Unfortunately, this is where the positive feedback ends. My main issue, is it takes A LONG time to earn 10,000 points. I can go for a for a long bike ride and earn only 51 points. On average I walk 7,000 steps which gets me about 20 points. That is only 0.2% of the total goal!

Another issue for me is the inconsistency of the point rewarding. I can go for a mile long warm up run and earn eight points. After the run I complete a 53 minute long Insanity session and earn only six points. Now we know Insanity is A LOT more intense than a mile long run so it should be worth more points. At first I thought maybe it was the lack of data compared to the run. So I started wearing my heart rate monitor to provide more data but nothing changed. This lack of consistency is really discouraging especially after an intense workout.


All in all, I think the Achievemint App is an interesting way on how to earn more money in 2017. If you are very active you might earn enough to take your wife out to lunch (I do not think you will earn enough for dinner). For me, seeing the points creep up at first was very motivating but then I realized how slow it was going that extra boost of motivation started to disappear.

To put it in a monetary perspective. According to Achievemint’s website, they have paid out over a half million dollars so far! That is a lot of money! Let’s do some math before you get to excited about that number though. As mentioned earlier, the Achievemint App has million users, that means an average user has only earned fifty cents. That is it.

How little of points I have earned with the Achievement App. Photo Courtesy of Achievement.

How little of points I have earned with the Achievemint App. Photo Courtesy of Achievemint.

Overall, I think they have more work to do to make this application a viable way on how to earn more money in 2017.  They need make this application more consistent with how it awards points. Also, I believe they need to make the point earning a tad bit quicker. Maybe that aspect is just me but I joined Achievement back in December 2016. Over the past three months I haven’t even hit 2,000 points yet! I do have to remember though, I do not have to do anything that I do not normally do to earn these points. It is truly passive income with Achievemint collecting data from data that I already collect myself. Now I am get paid for that data, even though that dollar sign is very small.

How to Earn More Money in 2017

Now you know a little more about way #73 to earn more money with the Achievemint App. Head over to our comprehensive list to check out other ways how to earn more money in 2017! We will continue to try out and review these ways throughout the year for you. If we are missing something on the list and you want to see us review it shoot us an email or tweet (@WalletSquirrel)!




How to Earn More Money – Donating Plasma


Hello Everyone! Before I get to today’s main way to earn more money, donating plasma, I wanted to introduce myself. As a lot of you already know from Andrew’s introduction of me from his post last week, I am Adam. If you didn’t see his introduction, go check it out now. It is a really good read! Don’t worry, I won’t go anywhere, I’ll still be here when you get back.

You back? Great! I hope you enjoyed that article as much as I did.

Anyways, back to what is important, me! As I’ve already mentioned, I am Adam, the newest and greatest (shhh don’t tell Andrew) contributor to Wallet Squirrel. I am very excited to work alongside my best buddy Andrew making great content for you while learning in the process.

My goals here are to learn more about becoming financially free and to become that. My wife and I have a lot of debt (car, student loans, and house) that we want to break free from. I want to include you in on this journey to paying off our debt!

A little about me. I am married and we have a four month old. We also have two dogs, a lab-retriever and a husky. Living in Denver, Colorado allows our little family to do what we love the most, spend time in the mountains. We love to hike, climb 14ers (Mountains above 14,000 feet in elevation), and to camp. One of my favorite hobbies is photography so you will be seeing several posts from me about it and how you can make money with your camera. Be excited!

Earn More Money With Photography

A little self promotion of one of my photographs


I guess I’ll stop rambling and get to what you are really here for. Way #72 to earn more money by donating plasma.

Earn More Money – Donating Plasma

A lot of people cringe at the thought of having a 12 gauge needle moving towards their arm. I don’t blame them, it can be a very nerve racking process. Especially when a trainee would come to stick you but most weeks the experience was great. I am here to walk you through the donation process to help ease those nerves.

Back in college donating plasma was my main income for a few years. Twice a week one of my roommates and I would go to Biolife Plasma in Ames, Iowa to donate plasma. Typically we would earn between $50 to $70 a week for our plasma and time.

So let’s walk through what my typical visit was like. Keep in mind, I have experience with only one facility and your local donation center might vary.

When I initially started I had to take a physical to make sure I was fit enough to donate. This is not a traditional physical that you get at the doctor, so do not worry about that. It takes about an hour to complete between all of the paper work, the million and one questions they ask you, as well as the general physical health checkup they perform. The physical needs to be repeated every year, which was my least favorite part of the experience. Not because it was hard or anything like that, it was just really annoying.

Now that the initial physical is complete and I was approved the rest of the visits were easy. I would walk through the front door and sign in at the front desk. This included answering a bunch of questions on a computer. Some examples are. Have you visited certain countries within a particular time frame? Were you sick recently? Did you donated blood recently? Then I would go sit in the waiting room for a little bit. A nurse would call my name to check my temperature, blood pressure, and verify so other items. If I had too high of temperature or blood pressure I could not donate for the day. If I passed, the nurse would take me back to the donating beds.

Once back there and settled in, a technician would come to stick my arm so the donation process could start. This is the part most people cringe about, don’t worry about it. These technician do go through a thorough training process. Out of the three years I donated, only a few sticks did not go too well.

Earn More Money - Donating Plasma

Technically this photo is of someone donating blood but looks very similar to the plasma donation process.

After getting hooked up I was able to relax during the donation process for the next thirty to forty-five minutes. This is when I would read/study or watch a movie. I really enjoyed this part of the donation process as you were literally forced to relax. When done and unhooked, I went to check out, sign up for my next donation time, and get paid! The whole visit took about an hour and a half.

Payment wise, Ames was a smaller market so we only got $50 to $70 a week for the donations. We were limited to two donations a week each time. They would pay $30 for the first time and $40 for the second visit. Some bigger cities paid a lot better. It was rumored that people in Kansas City were getting $130 a week!


For anyone with a few extra hours in the week and looking for more money I highly recommend checking your local plasma donation center. This is a fairly easy way to gain some extra income. It is mostly a painless process that allows you to get other work done during the process. If I missed anything about the process or you have a story about your own experience, give a comment below.

Now that you know a little more about way #72 to earn more money, donating plasma. Head over to our comprehensive list to check out other ways you could earn more money in 2017! We will continue to try out and review these ways throughout the year for you. If we are missing something on the list and you want to see us review it shoot us an email or tweet (@WalletSquirrel)!




Holy Crap! Interest Checking Accounts are a Thing

Until two years ago I didn’t know there were such a thing as an Interest Checking Account. I had a standard Wells Fargo checking account for 12 years making me zero money. Literally zip, so imagine my surprise when I discovered there are checking accounts out there that pay you interest like a savings account.

What is an Interest Checking Account?

It’s essentially a regular checking account You can write checks, use debit cards or withdraw from ATMs but while your money is in the account, you’re earning interest like a savings account.

Interest Checking Account

Regular Checking Account vs. Interest Checking Account

How much can you earn in an Interest Checking Account?

It isn’t much, but better than zero. I have an account with Ally Bank and my Interest Checking Account makes 0.10% interest. To give you an idea. I keep around $4,000 in my checking account at all times. $2,000 is

To give you an idea. I keep around $4,000 in my checking account at all times. $2,000 is for my emergency fund and $2,000 for my monthly expenses. So that’s $4,000 sitting in my account making about 0.38 cents per month. See my Income Reports to see how it changes per month.

It’s not much, but over the last year, my Interest Checking Account made $3.66. That’s what I entered on my taxes last week.

My Personal History

Now $3.66 is more than I made on my Wells Fargo Checking Account, EVER! Keep in mind, I don’t mean to hate on Wells Fargo, but they simply never told me an Interest Checking Account was a thing.

They were like the cool kids in every high school (likely named Chazz). You wanted to hang out with them, even though you knew you they were dicks and there were better friends out there.

At Wells Fargo, if my checking account ever made interest, they kept it. Even my Wells Fargo Saving Account at 0.01% was earning less than my current Interest Checking Account. If I kept my $4,000 in Wells Fargo Savings Account for a year, I’d be left with $0.40 at the end of the year. THAT’S THEIR SAVINGS ACCOUNT!

Do a lot of Checking Accounts earn you interest?

Actually, most checking accounts I’ve encountered do not earn you interest. This is why I was so surprised when I discovered there are a few that do.

Many of my friends have a balance similar to mine with $4,000 in their account and some of my friends have up to $60,000 sitting in their checking account because they don’t know what to do with it. If you have that much, you should move it over to a savings account at least and hire a financial manager. I get the fear of the stock market, but there is no reason to keep that much in a checking account, especially not making you interest.


I’ve been wanting to do this post for a while now. It’s cool to share with people, who like me, didn’t know about Interest Checking Accounts. They exist! It’s not a lot of money, but it all adds up!

PS. I’m in no way sponsored by Ally Bank here. This is just my personal experience so far and if they start to F*!k up, you’ll hear about it

I hope I taught at least one person something new!

Naming Force Menu

Naming Force Review: Make Money Naming Start Ups

Naming Force is a website that runs contest for up and coming companies/Start Ups looking to generate a creative name for their company. I’ve been testing this website for the last month to see what it’s about, so here is my Naming Force Review.

What is Name Force? solves a problem. When a company doesn’t know what to call themselves, they will run a naming contest. A new company will post a description of what they do and some keywords they feel describe their company. They do this by setting a reward, typically $100 – $200 for a winning name. Then the Name Force community will submit various names based on company descriptions.

At the end of the naming contest (usually lasts a week). The company is required to select one winner and the you’ll receive the $100 – $200 reward. Simple.

My Experience

Setting up an account was easy and they offered videos on how to navigate the various contests but I skipped those. However in hindsight recommend them. They would have been very beneficial as I was a little confused starting off.

Keep in mind, after registering, you’ll have a 3 day waiting period before they let you start submitting to contest and you’ll only be allowed to 2-3 entries per contest. You start off as a “Private” (yes, they follow military terms for seniority). Then the longer you’re on the platform you move up and gain access to more contests with more entry opportunities.

Once in their market place you’ll see a list of contests with the cash prize on the left and the amount of submitted names on the right:

Naming Force Review - Contest Menu

Naming Force Review – Contest Menu

Select a contest and check out a paragraph description of a company. That’s all you get. You’ll be given a small description of what they do and what makes them unique and you’re asked to create a name.

Keep in mind, they usually want a name that isn’t trademarked and has an available .com domain. So what I did, was come up with names that have an available domain. Usually these names aren’t copyrighted since no one has bought their website domain.

To check if a name has a .com website domain, I used to see available website domains.

Go Daddy Research


I did about 5 contests total. Here is one example:

Contest Description “We are a brick/mortar organization that helps companies create reviews for their company and/or products” They mentioned they were a tech company but that was the general jist.

I hopped on GoDaddy and spent 20 min finding some great names for this company with that slim description. I narrowed down the choices to two and submitted them on the form at the bottom of the contest page, which looks like this.

Naming Force Review - Name Submission Form

Naming Force Review – Name Submission Form

Naming Force Review Pros:

It’s easy to sign up and anyone can enter contests that have a potential to earn $100 – $300 if your name is selected.

Plus it allows you to be creative on your own time. Each contest last about a week or two, so you have some time to think about your names.

Naming Force Review Cons:

It’s really hard to win. In the market place, it shows you how many other names have been submitted. At a minimum, it was around 600 names per contest. So you’re competing with many other great names for a prize, and there can only be one winner. I personally don’t like 600 to 1 odds. If that’s the case, I’ll go back to playing lottery tickets.


A month later, I never won. Not one contest. I feel I had some awesome names but they must not have struck a cord with the company reviewing them and that’s what matters. So in total, I did 5 contests at an average of 20 min each. I spent 1 hour and 40 min for nothing. It was slightly exhausting because I put a lot of thought into each name and none of them won.

I do not recommend this site as a way to earn money. My Naming Force Review uncovered there just isn’t a consistent return for your time. You could easily continue to submit names for a year and still never win.

On the other hand, if you’re a Start Up, this is a great opportunity to get some awesome name ideas. This is a marketplace of creative people with a history of naming companies and they’re willing to do the research to find creative names with available domains and trademark free brand names. You will pay $100 and get an average of 600 name submissions. You’re essentially paying around $0.17 per name within a 1-2 week turn around. You are the winner in this deal.

Have you tried this, did you win? I would love to hear from someone who won because it’s a cool idea but sadistically frustrating to creative people who lose.


Here’s what happened when I spent $100 on Lottery Tickets

Last week I sold my guitar on Craigslist for $100. If you follow this blog then you know I would normally invest that $100 in my stock portfolio but I had a unique opportunity to disprove a popular way of making money, Lottery Tickets.

Personally I’m not a fan of Lottery Tickets or the lesser form, Scratch-It Tickets. I go by the understandable philosophy the HOUSE ALWAYS WIN. However I can’t just say Lottery Tickets are dumb, I have to prove it.

So I bought $100 of Lottery Tickets

It’s one of the funniest feelings in the world to walk into a Gas Station (Liquor Store/Gas Station for me) and lay down a crisp $100 bill to say I want $100 worth of Lottery Tickets. I assume his opinion of me was that of a Lottery Addict getting his next fix, but I maintained my grin of a 5 year old buying a box of Cracker Jacks hopping to get the secret decoder ring!

He asked me “what kind?”

Crap there are more than one? Well apparently yes. There were Mega Millions, Powerball, and Scratch-Its. There were so many Scratch Scratch-Its

To diversified my Lottery Ticket buying, I bought them all.

I ended up getting a wide assortment of Lottery Options. I bought $99 worth of Scratch It Tickets and one Mega Millions Ticket. I figured if I was going to win the Mega Millions, one ticket would just be as good as 100 if I factored odds. I had the hypothesis I’d win more with Scratch Its than the smaller odds of a Lottery Ticket.

I bought (2) $20 Scratch Its, (2) $10 Scratch Its, (4) $5 Scratch Its, (5) $3 Scratch Its and (2) $2 Scratch its along with a (1) $1 Mega Millions Lottery Ticket.


Here’s what $100 worth of Lottery Tickets look like.

Leaving the Gas Station, I felt like a kid exiting a toy store with a stash of loot. I knew the odds were against me, but damn it I COULD ACTUALLY WIN SOMETHING HERE.

I should say that the lottery is a game of luck. There is absolutely NO skill with these games. There are people that say you can tilt the odds in your favor with different strategies. I’m sorry, I don’t believe you. The lottery is like burning your money. It’s fun to do, but you’re left with nothing in the end.

Lottery Tickets are Hella Confusing

Here’s the thing, I remember the last time I did a Scratch-It Ticket at 10 years old, all I had to do was scratch a ticket and it told me whether I won or not. Now-a-days, there are Bingo and Crossword Scratch-Its that take forever and are very confusing to see whether you won or not. Even then you’re not entirely sure. After two hours of scratching tickets, I discovered I won $128. That’s freaking incredible. Yet when I turned in the tickets, I ended up actually winning $158 because one ticket had a secret 2x bonus. WTF. These should be simple. I’ll take the extra $30 but we should really be upfront and simple about these things.

I could have easily just bought the ticket and had the gas station clerk just scan the ticket to see if I won. There really is no reason to scratch them yourself I discovered. The games are entertaining if you’re bored, but in reality, they have no purpose. Once the ticket is bought, you can scan it and you’ll know exactly whether you won or not.

So I ended up winning $158

I was frankly shocked and didn’t expect to win anything. I was planning on sharing this experience to say Lottery Tickets will always loose. I’m happy I won $158, but could have just easily lost everything.

Here are the break down of the Lottery Tickets:


Lottery Ticket Winning Amounts

  • Ticket Amount
  • $20 Scratch It Ticket
  • $20 Scratch It Ticket
  • $10 Scratch It Ticket
  • $10 Scratch It Ticket
  • $5 Scratch It Ticket
  • $5 Scratch It Ticket
  • $5 Scratch It Ticket
  • $5 Scratch It Ticket
  • $3 Scratch It Ticket
  • $3 Scratch It Ticket
  • $3 Scratch It Ticket
  • $3 Scratch It Ticket
  • $3 Scratch It Ticket
  • $2 Scratch It Ticket
  • $ Scratch It Ticket
  • How Much I Won
  • Won $50
  • Won $25
  • Lost
  • Lost
  • Won $5
  • Lost
  • Lost
  • Lost
  • Won $60
  • Won $3
  • Lost
  • Lost
  • Lost
  • Won $10
  • Lost
  • Winnings Compared to Ticket Price
  • 250%
  • 125%
  • 0%
  • 0%
  • 100%
  • 0%
  • 0%
  • 0%
  • 2000%
  • 100%
  • 0%
  • 0%
  • 0%
  • 500%
  • 0%

It appears what you win is directly proportional to the amount you spend on the ticket. That is kind of scary, you want to win big, you have to gamble big. I won most of my money on the two $20 tickets. The only exception was the $3 ticket that won 2000% of it’s ticket price at $60.

What Happens if You Invest that $158

Since Wallet Squirrel is all about earning extra money and investing it, let’s see what would happen over 20 years if you invested that $158 in dividend stocks. Let’s assume 7% Market Average with a 3% dividend.

  • 1 Year
  • $174.03
  • 5 Year
  • $251.62
  • 10 Year
  • $386.38
  • 20 Year
  • $849.02


I do see what those other Finance Bloggers are talking about when they say Scratch-Its and Lottery Tickets ARE A WAY to earn money. Yes, but it’s one of those stories you only hear from hearsay of your neighbor’s, friend’s, aunt who won that $10,000. It’s not something you can bank on happening to you.

YAY, I won but now what should I spend $158 on?


How To Sell Something on Craigslist and Make Money

I’ve never sold or bought anything off Craigslist before. This is my first experience from registering on Craigslist and selling a guitar. Here’s how to sell something on Craigslist and make money.

1. Go to Craigslist

Start by googling craigslist and your city (Denver for me). Your first google result will be the right Craigslist page. You can also go to and select your city, but I find google did it faster for me rather than navigating their website. When you first get to their website, keep in mind its set up for buyers. You’ll be given options to search categories like “for sale items”, “housing (apartments)” and “jobs” and others.

2. Post to Classifieds

  1. You’ll see a “Post to Classifieds” on the top left of the website.


    Craigslist Homescreen

  2. You’ll be asked “What Type Posting is this?”. This is to categorize your posting, should it be a “Job Wanted”, “Apartment Vacancy” or “For Sale by Owner”. Since I am selling a guitar, I choose “For Sale by Owner”.
  3. You’ll then be asked what type of item you’re selling. Again this is to help Craigslist decide where to place your ad. I choose “musical instruments- by owner”.
  4. Now enter your contact info and product description. This will be different for different items you sell, but same general idea.craigslist-for-sale-by-owner-form
    1. Contact Information – You really only need your email. They ask for your phone number, but I didn’t provide it. I figured if anyone wanted to get ahold of me, they can email me. It’s the same as texting which pretty much everyone does anyways. Especially anyone using Craigslist.
      Craigslist does a neat email thing where whenever someone sends you an email through Craigslist, it goes through a Craigslist server and hides the sender’s actual email. You’ll see a long string of characters for their email. When you reply, it’ll go to the right person, but this way, you can communicate without people seeing your email address and them seeing yours. Craigslist calls this “CL Mail Relay”. I used this option. (See email screen shot below)
    2. Product Description – Personally I kept this short and simple. People don’t need a long description. My entire description, as you can see from the screen shot below, is pretty short. Just make sure you use the “Keywords” you think people will be searching for, in your product title and description.
      You’ll also want to add a product price. Just do a simple search for what your item currently sells for new and compare it’s condition and what others are selling similar items for. I listed $100 for my guitar. Remember people use Craigslist to find bargains.
How To Sell Something on Craigslist and Make Money

How To Sell Something on Craigslist and Make Money

3. Responding to Potential Buyers

I had 6 people respond by email that they were interested. These 6 people responded within the first week it was posted. It seems after a week, your ad will get buried by newer post.

  • One person just sent me email telling me I was dumb for selling my guitar. I deleted their email.
  • Three people just had simple questions about the guitar and that was it.
  • Two people wanted to meet to see it in person. (email below)



Potential Customer Email

4. Meeting with a Potential Buyer

Everything I’ve read online, always meet someone in a public place. You don’t want to be creepy and don’t want to meet creepy people.

After emailing back and forth with a potential buyer, we had to reschedule once because her work schedule. It was girl because her she signed her email with her name, Jennifer. She was buying the guitar for her mother. That seemed neat. I suggested meeting in the lobby of my apartment building downtown. It’s a nice lobby and public place so she would feel comfortable.

She arrived with her mother and daughter, either because she felt more comfortable with someone else or because the guitar was for her mother. Her mother inspected the guitar, had a few questions which I answered honestly. Then after 10 min of chatting, she asked “what was the lowest I’d sell it for”. Which was an interesting haggling tactic to see if she could get it cheaper. This could potentially work, but I just said the advertised price “$100”. She then provided me a $100 bill.

I could have been skeptical at the large bill, but it looked legit and I had no reason think it wasn’t. That was it. I went up stairs with my $100 bill and they left with the guitar. The entire process was akin to selling a fruit rollup to a classmate in the school cafeteria. It was easy.


Final $100 Bill


What Happens if You Invest that $100

Since Wallet Squirrel is all about earning extra money and investing it, let’s see what would happen over 20 years if you invested that $100 in dividend stocks. Let’s assume 7% Market Average with a 3% dividend.

  • 1 Year
  • $110.14
  • 5 Year
  • $159.25
  • 10 Year
  • $244.54
  • 20 Year
  • $537.35

Hopefully this helped to explain how to sell something on Craigslist and make money. Will I do it again? Hell yea, it went so smooth and hassle free that I want to sell more items. I have a whole box of Pokémon Cards, anyone want them?


Side Jobs That Millennials Can Do Weekly

The following is a guest blog post:

Given the rising costs of living it’s becoming increasingly difficult for Millennials to lead a comfortable life without having to undertake a ‘side job’ to supplement their income. Many industries still only offer low salaries, and with the burden of living costs and often university or college debt, taking on a side job is becoming more of a necessity than a choice for younger people. If you’re looking for a way to supplement your full time job but are unsure of where to begin, there’s a huge variety of side jobs to suit, depending entirely on your background, experience and personal preferences. In this article we’ll look into the most rewarding and profitable ‘side jobs’ for Millennials that can be accomplished at least once a week, making them a reliable but sustainable way to make extra money outside of a full-time job.

Purchasing and selling domain names

Although not an option that most might consider, purchasing and selling domain names as a means of making some extra money is very profitable way to supplement your income, as well as surprisingly popular. The way of doing it is simple; identify a good domain name, then register it and sell it. However, this isn’t a viable option for just anyone – in order for it to be profitable then you must have some prior knowledge of what makes a good website, so this side job would best suited to those with experience in website building, tech or SEO. If this sounds like you, then it can prove to be hugely profitable and easily managed around any existing commitments. There are so many articles and websites out there give more in depth advice on how to get started, but the key to doing this successfully is to narrow your focus, and specialise in a particular area (for instance finance) where you’ll be able to use your own knowledge of the field or industry.

Become a Tour Guide

If you live in an area that’s popular with tourists then this is an opportunity you can exploit. You’ll need a good knowledge of the local area and it’s history (as well as undoubtedly patience) but if you have a passion for history or the town or city you live in then this can be a truly rewarding side job. You’ll need excellent communication skills, the ability to present information in an interesting and engaging way and good knowledge of facts, figures and events. It is worth mentioning though this this kind of job works best for individuals with particularly good social skills, and confidence to address a large crowd. Experience with the general public would be useful, or a background in hospitality. If you currently work part time and this is something you want to consider as a serious side job, then the International Tour Management Institute offer guidance, courses and certifications.

Dog walking

Although somewhat of a cliche, dog walking is actually seriously well paid work – providing you like dogs. If you’re looking to supplement your income, live near green space and work either part time or flexible hours then this really something to consider. The good thing about this side job is that you it doesn’t require you to have any previous experience, and can be easily scheduled into your week. The hours can be flexible, and you can take on as little or as many clients as you need to. For those who simply love dogs, if you work from home and live in the UK then you can even opt to look after someone’s dog with thanks to sites such as Borrow My Doggy. Hiring a dog walker is becoming increasingly common with Millennials, particularly in cities or for those who commute, as many dog owners aren’t able to fit in walking their dog during a long working day. Not only will you get to spend time with dogs, but this allows you to spend time outside, which might prove to be a welcome change from sitting in front of a screen. Remember though that you will need to walk rain or shine, so if you’re someone who hates going out when it’s cold or wet then you might want to think twice – that or invest in a good waterproof jacket. Start by putting up notices in your local area (a good place is notice boards in apartment blocks, coffee shops and schools) or registering on app Wag!, which will help you get in touch with pet owners in your area.

Selling second hand items

Not a particularly original idea, but many people use sites such as Ebay or Gumtree as a side job to bring in extra income and supplement their full time job. To make this profitable, you must have the ability – and preferably the desire – to hunt out a good ‘hidden gem’. Start by identifying what you already own that has the potential to be sold, then look for sellable items in second hand stores that you think will sell for a better and worthwhile price. Things that tend to sell well are vintage clothing and accessories, homewares and furniture. Know what to look for that you feel has the potential to be worth more. Quite often it may require some effort aside from just the purchasing and selling; for instance, repainting or re-polishing a second hand item of furniture that may not be in the best condition. Set aside some time each week that you dedicate a portion of time to looking for new ‘stock’ or items to sell. This is a good side job as it can be easily done with no experience and outside of an existing job, you just need to ensure that you have the passion and motivation to scour thrift and secondhand stores.

Online Trading

Online trading as a means of making an income has been very much alive since the 1990’s and if done right, can be a very rewarding and profitable side job. Best suited to those with a background (or even interest) in finance or investment, it involves using a trading platform (usually owned by a brokerage firm) to place buy or sell orders for financial securities or currencies. Before you begin, look for a reputable trading platform that offers a free trial or ‘learn function’, such as CMC Markets. You will need to take into consideration that you’ll need an initial sum of money to make your first investment, or deposit. Do your research as to which online broker offers you the best starting deposit and least commission. As there is risk involved, for someone who is needing to undertake a side job just to make ends meet then this may not be advisable. Ideally those looking to supplement their income with online trading would have previous experience of the stock market and a cushion of savings, as you can stand to lose money. Start small, and never bet more than you can afford. Done well, online trading can be an extremely profitable side job.


Those who are naturally academic with the addition of a degree or other relevant qualifications might want to consider tutoring. Hours work well to fit around an existing career, as tutoring is usually done on a weekly basis in evenings or on weekends. Many parents are willing to spend up to $100 a session to have their children tutored accordingly until they’re exam ready, but it’s important that before considering this side job you establish whether you have suitable qualifications, as these will be your selling point to prospective parents. It’s common for parents to refer good tutors to other parents, so if you find you’re well suited to this you can steadily build your reputation and rates, making it an ideal long term side job.


So as you’ve seen, there are a number of both rewarding and profitable side jobs that are guaranteed to bring in that extra bit of income each week – all that’s needed is a bit of imagination and deciding which will work best for you.