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Wallet Squirrel is now an LLC

Believe it not, but registering Wallet Squirrel as an LLC was pretty freaking easy. Personal Goal – I’ve always wanted to be a business owner and now is the moment. Wallet Squirrel is legit! My fear – I was always terrified that registering a company would put a spot light on me by the IRS to rummage […]

Income Report – February, 2017

Upon first glance, I’m sighed “crap” under my breath while looking over my new income report infographic. I didn’t make much. Especially after an awesome month just four weeks ago, but here’s why! Why is this Income Report lower? The main reason, I didn’t have a sponsor post or an experiment earn any income this […]

Income Report – January, 2017

2017 has been off to a tremendous start. This month has been one of my strongest yet with an income of $265.30. Yet it was more successful due to my consistent blog posing! I have managed to have a post go out every Thursday around 1pm MTN. That’s been something a little hard for me […]

How To Sell Something on Craigslist and Make Money

I’ve never sold or bought anything off Craigslist before. This is my first experience from registering on Craigslist and selling a guitar. Here’s how to sell something on Craigslist and make money. 1. Go to Craigslist Start by googling craigslist and your city (Denver for me). Your first google result will be the right Craigslist […]

Side Jobs That Millennials Can Do Weekly

The following is a guest blog post: Given the rising costs of living it’s becoming increasingly difficult for Millennials to lead a comfortable life without having to undertake a ‘side job’ to supplement their income. Many industries still only offer low salaries, and with the burden of living costs and often university or college debt, […]