What is Wallet Squirrel?

Wallet Squirrel is my Entrepreneur Spirt Animal, documenting a hilarious, sobering and at times outrageous series of events that will form my future passive income. Here are a comical collection of infographics and stories that follow my journey.

My goal is to generate $500 in Passive Income for three months straight. I’ll prove it’s possible!

About Me

Hi, I’m Andrew, a 30 year old entrepreneur who experiments earning extra money and invests every dime. This is what I earn.

I started this blog as a way to track and hold accountable my investing actions while experimenting with the different ways to earn extra cash. Because who doesn’t want to earn more money, but how? Let’s keep testing those different ways to earn money online.

I’m not an professional investor, I’m a designer/semi-extrovert/ambitious dude who has decided to take a peek at the stock market and other investment vehicles.

In early 2015, I realized while I love my job, I didn’t like having to rely on it for my primary source of income. How nice would it be heading to work every day knowing that you could quit and go backpack Europe at any time and know you are financially secure? That is my goal, well not backpack Europe, although that would be fun and two of my best friends literally cannot stop talking about how wonderful Germany is. I want to be financially secure!

After having been inspired by Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income and Jason Fieber of Dividend Mantra (back when Jason wrote it), I wanted to learn about other ways to earn an income AND invest those earnings in a strategy that will work for me for the rest of my life. So now I begin my Dividend Investing Strategy. An idea where I invest my extra income into companies (stocks) that share a dividend (a portion of the companies profits) with their shareholders quarterly or monthly. This way I would receive a regular paycheck from all the companies I’m invested in without having to do anything, a true passive income. Cool, right?

Who am I? I’m an absolute beginner in the investing world. I know I will fail A LOT before I can stand on two feet, but I’m jumping in with both feet for the long game. I’ve just started to devour every investing book I can get my hands on and I still have no idea who’s right. There are so many strategies out there, but I don’t want to buy low and sell high. I want to use whatever means are available to earn extra money and invest that to build a monthly paycheck I can live on for the rest of my life.



Wallet Squirrel Founder & Finance Ninja